Bald at Work

Laura Hudson Bald Wig

Laura Hudson holds her wig.

I made a big decision two weekends ago.  After leaving work on Friday and taking my wig off in the car on the way home, I made the decision that I would no longer wear a wig to work.

I’ve had this thought many times over the years and have even had employers discourage it.  I felt confident that my current employer, Aviv Moon Productions, would have no issue – but I knew to ask first.  This is how it went down:

to Eric, Donna, & Tedd:
I’m really struggling with the ok-ness of being a bald professional.  Honestly – I think it’s a branding element of me that’s cool. I thought about starting the bald pro Laura on Monday.  Your thoughts?
(I’m just really sick of the wigs – lol)
Laura Hudson
Marketing Director
Their response was a resounding YES!  In fact, to quote them – they said:
CEO:  I have always been completely fine with a bald Laura in the office. If you are ready… We are ready 🙂
COO: I say go ahead… It’s a natural part of being you…
HR:  We accept you for who you are wigs make no difference.

So last week marked my first whole full week at work bald.  The entire staff has been beyond supportive.  No strange looks… No awkward comments…  In fact, it is like nothing has changed.  They all tell me how much they think it adds to the environment.

So the Bald Marketer is here to stay!

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  1. I am so happy for you. I wish I had that kind of courage. Keep up that bold confident attitude!


  2. I wish I could do that tooo

  3. Marianne Eickelberger

    You look AMAZING! When my hair was falling out, I decided early on that wigs were not for me! I warned everyone that I would be going “Topless” in public!;) LOL! The majority of people I’ve encountered have been so supportive. Shine On Sister!;)

  4. I work at a casino as a table games dealer and made the decision on 10/31/13 to go bald after taking off my wig to be Brian Urlacher (ex Chicago Bear player) for Halloween. It was the first time I felt so comfortable being a dealer. So off it went. And I get a lot of complements on how great my bald head looks. I say embrace your awesomeness!

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