Women Behaving Baldly is a global project connecting bald women and their stories.

Laura Hudson Bald Wig

Laura Hudson holds her wig.

The popular opinion in the land of big hair is that, “you should just get over it;” but through this extensive interview process, we hope to prove that this is not just about hair.

Women Behaving Baldly depicts the provocative “day in the life” portrayal of the bald woman in her most vulnerable skin. This delicate exploration, by means of Skype, provides an intimate look into the emotional layers of the body’s largest organ.

We are very proud of all of our participants for the bravery and enthusiasm they have shown with this project. Upon being interviewed, many have gone bald publicly for the first time and have even become leaders of change and awareness! Women Behaving Baldly celebrates your boldness and wants to remind you that you matter, your emotions are valid, and your story is worth telling.

Bald Woman Wit

A bald woman taking a picture of a bald woman taking a picture of a bald woman.

The Women Behaving Baldly brand was birthed by two respected women in the
Alopecia Community, Margaret Baker and Laura Hudson, who bring these women’s stories of humor, pain, and sarcasm to life. These bald women have ripped away the curtain of judgment, wiped off the fake smile, and presented Alopecia for what it really is (and what it is not). Their eyes have been dried and their heads have been lifted. Their fight has just begun!