released an article this week that asked the question, “What is your story that nobody else can tell?”  It’s an article geared toward writing in the television industry.  However, it applies to all of us.  So, I’m asking you…

What is Your Story?

If you were one of the original interviewees of Women Behaving Baldly, we would love to know where life has taken you in the last three years.  Has your hair grown back?  Are you going out bald when you didn’t before?  Have you grown bold with your bald? Email us an update – we’d love catching up with you.

If you have never shared your story with us – we want to hear about it.  The process is quite simple, email WBB a photo (bald if you are comfortable doing so) along with your story of losing your hair.  You will be asked to schedule an interview session with Women Behaving Baldly via Skype.